Welcome to Plastchim -T AD

Since March 2010 г. starts succesfuly a new 6.6 m. BOPP line more. 
Presentation of the company you can open from here


     Plastchim-T Jsc. is the main manufacturer of flexible packages in Bulgaria. Plastchim-T Jsc established on the market as a company, offering excellent quality, technical maintenance, flexibility and short reaction time for production and dispatch.
     Our mission is to become one of the leading companies in the region and in Europe as well, to offer to our customers a large variety of products and service of better quality, to open new places of work, to improve the work conditions, to enhance the qualification of our employees, to increase the profitability and to keep the rising economic growth.
     At the same time we realize that the customer is the one who plays the leading role for our prosperity and stability. That is why our striving is to meet all his requirements and expectations, and to keep our long-term relationship as well.